Unità d’Italia Square, Trieste

Bernard Huet with Ceschia & Mentil Architects

Unità d'Italia Square in Trieste is a exemplary case in being a volumetrically enclosed yet contextually exposed public place. Bernard Huet, Ceschia and Mentill Architects, interweave Colombino and Aurisina stone within a clear and controlled design, reproducing, in the overall look of the ground surface, the homogeneity of the sky. The Arenaria stone, in order to protect pedestrians in case of exceptional weather conditions, presents a well-worked finish, flamed and sawn. Some slabs bear a smooth rib along the edge to enable the collection of floodwater. The Aurisina stone, usually bush-hammered, is principally used for urban furniture and in pavement inserts, which house several points of light. These Combine with points of blue color in the visual picture composed by the coming twilight.