Verdi Square, Trieste

Bernard Huet

In seaseide cities as Trieste, portions of urban expansion get in touch creating areas of organic geometry. Piazza Verdi, designed by Bernard Huet, is constructed as a sort of chessboard, whose principal lines are in Aurisina, with a background in engraved Colombino laid out to overlap along the center-line. The central layout of the square is emphasized with triple inlays in Aurisina at the edges. Close to the southeast side of the public space, a brief section of almost trapezoid geometry is inserted, housing alternately benches and islands of trees with cast-iron surrounds. Painstaking work excavating the Aurisina slabs created specific stonework dedicated to the collection of floodwater, with water traps at the edges. Their positioning inside the square, in a straight line, in the direction of the streets, helps the orientation and reading of the space.