Mining, cutting, processing, design: Casone brings the stone from its own quarries, as well as others, around the world, and transforms it, with wisdom and care, into architecture and design.

Casone has worked together with nationally and internationally renowned architects, always highlighting the peculiarities of the stones choosen by architects and designers.
Our Experience
The company, based in Firenzuola, an extraction zone located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, manages its stone deposits in the districts of Verona and Carrara. Internationally known for Pietra Forte Fiorentina, Casone also works in marble, onyx, and travertine.
Knowledge and innovation
Thanks to its deep knowledge of stone and marble, Casone can fully enhance their characteristics, in terms of aesthetics as well as of technical performance. The company uses raw materials, selected through very strict criteria to manage a constant research on the materials themselves and on their finishes, simultaneously employing both manual and mechanical techniques.
Finishing touch
Casone combines the firm experience of manual work with the most advanced technologies. It entrusts the final touches to the expert hands of its craftsmen before the final installation.
Dry Lay: test and selection
Casone always follows its clients with qualified assistance and consultancy services, including Dry Lay service, which allows the best choice of material for each project.
On-the-road Project
Ranging from small to large interventions, the company intends to represent a guarantee of high quality for interior design, public spaces and architecture. Thanks to a continuous dialogue with designers, Casone manages to fulfil even the most complex and demanding requests.


Sales Manager
Roberto Bartolomei
tel. +39 055 8199005
Sales Italy - Massa
Paolo Menchini
tel. +39 392 6864151
Sales Italy
Sofia Lilli
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Sales Italy - Verona
Monica Fasoli
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Firenzuola - Headquarters / Production
via Imolese 98 - 50033
Firenzuola (FI)
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Massa - Commercial / Distribution
via Bozzone 141 - 54100
Marina di Massa (MS)
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Verona - Commerciale / Distribuzione
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Ponton di S.Ambrogio (VR)
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Castiglione dei Pepoli - Registered headquarter
via Toscana 114 - 40035
Castiglione dei Pepoli (BO)
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