In Town 2012, Frassinagodiciotto Showroom

Palomba Serafini Studio

"In Town Event", realized by Palomba & Serafini inside the Bologna Water Design fair, the succeeds in combining green elements, wood and stone. The intersection of the various materials, interwoven in the flooring, allows the designers to outline the spaces. The fine-polished Pietra Forte Fiorentina flooring is therefore alternated with wooden flooring slats, creating a pleasant natural contrast. The difference almost disappears if we observe the wall finishings, where the stone slats of Rosso Etrusco, Basaltina, Grigio Perla, Crema Fiorito e Giallo Etrusco echo the wood in colour, vitality and structure. The water element, closed into small pools in silk-finished stone, is echoed using a simple metaphor in its natural context both indoors and out, dressed in precisely cut-to-measure stone materials. In the same way, the flooring extends beyond the studio, with a decking stone system, crossing the physical border between indoor and outdoor spaces.