Casa FFF

Pallaoro e Balzan

Faithful to the spirit of quality and research, feasibility and coherence that guides the work of the firm Pallaoro Balzan and Associates, the project of this house in Trento is focused on specialised materials and chromatic schemes. Jutting angles give the building a dynamic contemporary flair and the interiors vary constantly, thanks to technology that renders components mobile, and to the choice of materials used, mainly glass and stone. The characteristic grey hue of Pietra Forte Fiorentina stone, polished to a silky finish indoors, is enhanced by the primary colours chosen for the furniture. The bright green of the vegetation weds beautifully with the Damask design of the stone used for the floors, which seem to curve and become an integral part of the furnishings. The composition in rows of the stone slabs blends in with the minimalist look that is at the heart of the project and gives one, in this enclosed space, the sensation of the naturalness of the mountain.