Tetra Pack Innovation Center

C. Silvestrin, G. Salmaso with S. Trombini

Transparency and flexibility are the guidelines in planning and the curved line, which starred in other Silvestrin projects (here Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso Architects and Planners con Stefano Trombini), is its effective expressive tool. The stone element gradually is lightened, harmoniously integrated with the large windows, and becoming rounded, following the general curved design: this is also the case for the slabs in Giallo Etrusco marble both on the internal and external floor, enhanced with a silk finish. The fluidity of the spaces defines all the architectural choices and the monolithic stairway is an example of this, connecting the ground floor with the first, in Giallo Etrusco marble worked in blocks, as the finishings in the bathrooms, where the tiled laying transforms them and elevates them. Stone accompanies other materials, never hiding its natural origins.