Spazio Fotografia Marco Gerra

NAT Office/Christian Gasparini

The space that was originally home to the Cairoli Hotel in the historic center of Reggio Emilia now houses the Marco Gerra Center for Photography and Contemporary Art. In this project, architect Christian Gasparini seek solutions that would resonate with the existing structures. The surfaces of the Spazio Gerra reiterate horizontality, divided at intervals with large, wide vertical glazing. The construction is heavily slashed with sudden cuts. The stone blocks in Giallo Etrusco, further tribute to the surrounding architecture, are no longer simulated plasterwork, but real. Horizontality is accentuated by an overlapping system achieved, which serves as a useful guide for regularizing the height of the stonework installations. Vertically the joints between the stone elements use a subtle application of silicon that promotes the visual notion of a continuous façade between the vertical openings.