Casone boasts of winning collaborations on a grand scale, on a private scale, and also in the retail sector.

One that comprises all is the design for the Bulthaup showroom in Milan, designed by John Pawson.
Here, the mystical minimalism of the British designer is perceived immediately from the main entrance as it radiates on the pavement surfaces - large-format gray sandstone squares - in thin vanishing lines traced in lighter shades between the floor slabs. In this web, the essential furniture and the steps of the staircase materialize, and then the coatings of the private spaces. Following this logic, the desk in front of the entrance looks as if it has been extruded out of the modules of the floor. The stairway is a precise cut of matter, creating perfect linear incisions. 

Other illustrious collaborations include those with Kengo Kuma for Camper and Cartujano shoe stores. 

Whatever the context, Casone works with the same dedication and care, whether for small and precious projects such as Ristorante Bibo (a short walk from the quarries in Firenzuola) or large international brands such as Benetton, for whom they designed the shop in Florence.