Our stones are at the service of Art.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Uffizi Museum in Florence, and the Culture Museum in Basel are just a few of the many prestigious galleries that Casone has helped to realise in the world.

While the renovation project of MoMA, designed by Joshio Taniguchi, was intended to make the garden in front of the museum a cozy space, yet, in its way, open to the city, the grey slab septum created by Casone between the Sculpture Garden and 54th Street assumes the minimum height to constitute a physical barrier to pedestrians crossing, at the same time allowing one to perceive the vertical dimension of Manhattan from inside the museum. The solid, linear stone presence constitutes a reassuring shore for the outside sculptures and the constant, homogeneous shades of grey with vague bluish tinge, marry the requirements of fluidity and silence sought by the Japanese designer. 

Even the outside floor level participates chromatically in the success of the liquid image of the neutral background for the art: pedestals are raised by net from this light horizontal surface, affording views from their precise vertices. 

In this as in other projects for exhibition spaces, Casone works in close dialogue with the architect with the awareness, as ever, that, in these contexts, the intertwining of shapes and materials is the complex alchemy that ensures the best possible support to artistic fruition.