Casone is highly skilled in all the ways and spaces in which stone can create a home.

Over the years, the company has been involved with many projects for living, interpreting them with their materials and long experience in application and processing. In close dialogue with designers, Casone has realized architectures of vastly different types, but always, for both interior and exterior living spaces, united with a knowledgeable and original use of the stone. In Cap Martin, the medieval citadel chosen by Le Corbusier to realise his summer-retreat cabanon, Villa La Madone opens to the landscape and to the material suggestions of the site: the outside pavement in yellow ivory, whose hammered finish recalls the roughness of the rocky landscape, softens as it enters the dwelling, a smoothing sensation thanks to the silk finish. 

While in Merano, in the Spectenhauser villa, stone slabs arranged in regular paths delimit terraces that overcome the slight height differences, both in the garden and in the living area of the building, establishing an immediate correspondence between the two. And again in Trento, in Casa FFF, protruding bodies catapult the building into a contemporary and dynamic dimension, which anticipates the minimalist composition of the interior. The septum, masonry or stone, becomes the unifying element that makes up the external forms and internal volumes, and the relationship between architecture and nature is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright-like experiences.