Casone embraces both contemporary and classical architecture projects with the same proficiency.

When in dialogue with the past, it avoids purely cosmetic recovery operations and works to return authenticity to sites. 
So it was, for example, with the Villa Ambra, the Medici villa in Poggio a Caiano, built in 1480. When the restoration project focused on the grand staircases that embrace the visitor and lead him to the main floor, Casone’s approach is an explicit historical quotation: Florentine Pietra Forte, Sangallo’s favorite, is used both for the treads of the staircase and for all the ancillary interventions. The wire saw processing of the steps is opposed to the smoothness of the pavement in the slabs proposed for the terrace on the upper floor. The materiality is found in the columns of the parapet, rounded and chiseled, embedded in molding and molded into the socket, in a careful revival of the fifteenth-century parapet. The antique and the contemporary blend together harmoniously. 

Different aesthetics, but still “classic": interventions in prestigious hotels such as the Majestic in Bologna and the Palazzo Parigi in Milan. Here one finds marvelous joints and games with the statuary marble, Siena yellow and black Marquina for the majestic and elegant interiors.