For 20 years we have built with the best architects in the world.

Casone works internationally, realizing large projects by well-known architects: their punctual interventions, targeted and in continuous dialogue with the designer, display extremely diverse solutions in the use and processing of the “stones". 

In the building designed by Claudio Silvestrin for Tetra Pak, the stone element gradually cedes its massive nature and becomes lighter, harmoniously integrating and smoothing itself with the large windows, while in Gyeonggi, South Korea, the soft lines of the architecture of Hyundai Motor Group University Mabuk Campus are enhanced by the smoothness of the Florentine Pietra Forte flooring. 

Just a few steps from the highest peaks of the Montes Universales, the Azahar Headquarters building becomes almost a fragment of mountain, whose stone floors, rock upon rock, happily bear a precise and orderly geometry within a perimeter of organic design, while in Tibariaes, Israel, sandstones of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines seek and find the perfect multi-material balances for the impressive and unusual religious complex of Domus Galilaeae.