Maison&Objet 2011

Casone Design Office

The dream of escaping from metropolitan worries, and instead heading toward the peace and quiet of the countryside is what’s on tap at the 2011 Maison & Objet. De Castelli show in Paris, where Frassinago and Il Casone bring this dream to life, setting the stage for an exhibition that embraces pure nature and a strong sense of imagination.
Inside the exhibition halls, the garden is both horizontal and vertical. Pre-oxidized and stainless metals – both untouched and varnished, reign supreme. Stone staves replicate the look of wood flooring and the change in color is enhanced by the different tones of Pietra Forte Fiorentina. The floating flooring is made from large, rectangular or square slabs. The tiles on the walls present a cubed pattern with copper sheets, patinated green on one side, along with natural green panels.