La Cava/Marmomacc 2008

Claudio Silvestrin

Silvestrin's work for the setting of the Il Casone stand at Marmomacc 2008 reintroduces the theme of the labyrinth.
Starting from a 3 metre high natural block of quarried rock, a strip of thin Pietra Forte Fiorentina is wound. It wings in a flurry of swirls that bring to mind those solidified forms in shell fossils and, after a few pirouettes performed without touching the ground, it finally comes to rest, making the platform its very own stage set. It does homage to the historic paving of the cities between Emilia and Tuscany, the area where the is extracted.
The vertical panels are all different: in width and tapering in thickness; some are also of different heights. The panels are also "cropped" directly from the quarry block and then prepared.
The designer chose sandblasting for the surface workmanship on the outer face; and grindstone was used for the inside of the panel. The traces of the grooves from the workmanship on the inner side have been left visible.