House in Carona

Angelo Pozzoli, Marco Sangiorgio

This residence, with a view of the Lugano lake and designed by Angelo Pozzoli and Marco Sangiorgio, uses Pietra Forte Fiorentina stone for the exterior of the volumes, concealing the cement structure with natural material. Cement is only used in the structural role it was designed for. The rough finish accentuates the idea of the restoration of nature, an idea pursued by the designer. Remaining outside, slabs are laid on the ground to reproduce the geometry of the wooden staves on the terraces, but laid according to a design that is very controlled and orthogonal compared to the scene inside. Several Pietra Forte Fiorentina ashlars surround a private covered swimming pool, and climb up the surrounding walls in square-format slabs, made continuous this time by traditional cement joints instead of open joints. The use of sandstone in this project is completed by several custom-made furniture elements, in the large external space reserved for the garden.