GClub Fitness and Wellness

Stefano Fumagalli

In this project by Stefano Fumagalli, the homogeneous nature of the colours, the light and the naturalness of the environment provide tranquillity and sensory harmony, helping guests to soothe mind and body. Pietra di Carparo and Terra di Minorca tie together all the areas, and accompany the visitor through the different rooms. The pool, with water jets and steps, looks as if it were hewn from a single block; at the edge the flooring drops down to house water collectors. Precise cutting deep into the material mitigate the impact of integrating machinery. The stone surface, which is sanded and roughened near the pool, is polished in the rest of the flooring. The same stone is also used in the showers, and follows the bends in the curved walls, showing the many ways in which stone can be used.