Castello Square, Rozzano

Gualtiero Oberti and Attilio Stocchi

In 1386 the Rozzone clashed with the Visconti offensive. The lances of the knights are now held on the battlefield, to future memory. The first rod, strongly driven into the ground, shattered the superficial frozen layer, triggering a chain reaction that marked and rippled the treading. In the square there are other 42 spears, 8 meters high.
The fracture on the ground has rebounded gradually against the borders of the public space, tracing unprecedented linear geometries on the basic rectangle. On the ground, each element is in Pietra Forte Fiorentina: both the slabs and the compluves made for water collection, close to the metal poles. In this project, by Gualtiero Oberti and Attilio Stocchi, each slab is unique. The benches are suspended from the ground and consist of a block of simple shape. Processing and laying are made by Trapattoni marmi.