Our stones' virtues are the bedrock for every wellness element.

In spaces devoted to well-being and purification, stone has always been, miraculously, best-suited to the work - as a raw material par excellence in welcoming and framing the ritual of cleansing, both physical and spiritual. Casone knowledgeably uses the public and private realms, with awareness of their historical value. For example, the design for the Vimercate G-club adheres to the founding principles of Roman baths: the succession of different spatial areas, the uniformity of color, the light and the naturalness of the environments, conferring peace of mind and sensory harmony, helping the guest to reconcile body and mind. 

The Sunflower Yellow stone links all the spaces, taking visitors through the halls as if to create an additional path for the senses, on the decking, the paneled walls, and in the pools.

The tub, with its hydromassage and the steps that take the guest to immersion, appears to be carved from a single monolith: it is in fact covered with 4 cm-thick stone slabs; the perimeter of the flooring is lower than the rest of the pavement, to collect the water. Precise cuts in the material lessen the impact of equipment and fixtures. 

Casone works with the same finesse in countless projects, from baths in private homes to indoor spas in hotels, and showrooms, produced internationally.